Workshop on Gender and Hydropower

Contributing to the Development of a Framework

The MRC’s Initiative on Sustainable Hydropower (ISH) and GIZ are jointly organizing a workshop on Gender and Hydropower, on 20. and 21.6. in Bangkok. The workshop will kick off ISH’s work on gender-related aspects of hydropower and will contribute to the development of a conceptual framework for gender and hydropower based on which future activities are to be defined. The workshop aims at bringing together women and men involved in hydropower planning and decision-making processes in the broad sense to jointly scope key topics for gender-related to the impacts of hydropower developments and the role of women in actively shaping the hydropower agenda in the Mekong Region.
The discussion will revolve around key themes, such as
  • Women’s and men’s roles in planning and decision making processes related to hydropower including national, provincial and community levels
  • Impacts and benefits to women and girls and gender relations as a result of hydropower
  • Gender-related issues in employment and education relating to hydropower
  • Gender-related access to hydropower mitigation measures, benefits and compensation entitlements and access to information
  • Approaches to collecting sex disaggregated data and assessing impacts to women and girls and gender relations as a result of hydropower – from strategic to project level

If you are intersested to participate, please send a note to my colleague Dr. Susanne Schmeir, who will be able to provide you with further detail.