International Hydropwer Association World Congress

Advancing Sustainable Hydropower


24 May 2013

The fourth International Hydropower Association (IHA) World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower brought together close to 500 participants from government, the private sector, intergovernmental organizations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to discuss hydropower sustainability.

THe IHA World Congress convened from 21-24 May 2013, in Kuching, Malaysia. A pre-Congress workshop was held on Monday, 20 May, on Hydropower and Regional Development, organized in association with the IHA.

On Tuesday, 21 May, the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Council General Meeting and the IHA Consultative Council met, while a number of participants took part in a networking tour to Sarawak Cultural Village. The Congress Official Opening, hosted by the Government of Sarawak, took place in the evening.

From Wednesday, 22 May, to Friday, 24 May, the Congress convened throughout the day in plenary sessions, focus sessions, lunch lectures, side events and evening receptions. Plenary sessions addressed a variety of issues, including: directions for hydropower; water and energy policy; the concept of modern hydropower; roles for the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol in informing decision making; and incorporating sustainability into business practice. Focus sessions addressed: whether sustainability is constraining economic development; regional interconnections; who is investing in hydropower; working with project affected communities; climate change; and renewable systems. On Friday afternoon the IHA General Meeting took place.

The IHA was formed under the auspices of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1995 as a forum to promote and disseminate good practices and further knowledge of hydropower.


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