International Danube River Commission

IDRC Releases Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower Development


3 July 2013

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) has released 'Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower Development in the Danube Basin,' which were elaborated with lead support from Austria, Romania and Slovenia with the contribution of many experts in different fields from all Danube basin countries and the European Commission.

The Guiding Principles are primarily addressed to public bodies and competent authorities responsible for the planning and authorization of hydropower, but are also relevant for potential investors in the hydropower sector, as well as NGOs and the interested public.

They underline that hydropower development needs to: respect the principles of sustainability and be part of a holistic approach; recognize the multifunctional use of hydropower infrastructure; and weigh public interests in a transparent, structured and reproducible way with the involvement and the participation of citizen and citizen groups.

The Guiding Principles include general principles for sustainable hydropower development, as well as recommendations relating to: the technical upgrade of existing hydropower plants and ecological restoration; strategic planning approach for new hydropower development; and the mitigation of negative impacts of hydropower.


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