Creating New Life - And Other Ways to Feed the World


22 July 2013

How best to feed a growing population in a changing climate is fiercely debated with many new and emerging research fields hoping to provide a solution.

Estimates suggest that food production will have to increase by at least 60% by 2050 to feed a rapidly increasing population, which is expected to top nine billion.

The UK government has announced it will put £160m into agricultural industries "to deliver sustainable, healthy and affordable food for future generations".

Associate professor of crop genetics Sean Mayes says there are many reasons why producing enough food will be a "significant challenge".

"It's not a case of just doubling up what we're doing, because there isn't the land to do it. There isn't one solution and there never could be. We have to pursue as many strands as we can," he told BBC News.

Here are six ideas that scientists believe could help:

  • Crop yields
  • Printing food
  • Producing life from scratch
  • Long forgotten grain
  • Genetically Modified food
  • ...and the incredibly shrinking man


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