Nexus Dialogue in Asia

The Nexus Dialogue will be going to Asia in March


18 January 2014

The Nexus Dialogue will be going to Asia in March. Recognition of the interactions between water, energy and food (‘the nexus’); climate change, increasing populations, and resource depletion; have raised concerns for water, energy and food security, with new demands for infrastructure solutions.

The Nexus Dialogue provides a global platform for infrastructure solutions through a series of workshops in Africa, Latin America and Asia. These bring together regional innovators and leaders to identify infrastructure solutions for water, energy and food security.

Building on the outputs from the workshops in Africa (May 2013) and Latin America (September 2013), the Asia workshop will focus on the implementation of optimised infrastructure solutions in the region linking solution providers and problem owners. Workshop participants will be encouraged to identify where the barriers to implementation exist and to look at where and how these can be overcome. The workshop will also be an opportunity for participants from different sectors to brainstorm and initiate projects ideas that will lead to implementation of infrastructure and technology which can provide water, energy and food security.

The Dialogue will conclude with an international conference in Beijing, China, 11-13 November 2014 on: Solutions for the Nexus: Building Partnerships to Optimise Infrastructure and Technology for Water, Energy and Food Security.

The Asia workshop is being held in Bangkok, Thailand on 17-19 March 2014 and will act as a ‘bridge’ to the international conference in Beijing, China.

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