IWA Development Congress & Exhibition 2013

Nairobi, Kenya

14-17 October 2013



The IWA Development Congress & Exhibition is a biennial event bringing together water and sanitation professionals to discuss and bring fresh ideas to manage water resources, water supply and sanitation services in low and middle income countries.

Adding to the solution focused agenda and in conjunction with the overarching theme of, 'Catalysing Urban Water Transitions', the Congress adhered to 4 sub-themes:

  • Optimising service delivery for universal access
  • Beyond the front -lines of urban sanitation
  • Optimising resources along the water, food and energy nexus
  • Human resources and capacities for transition


The need to optimise resource allocation and recovery is pressing in many cities where water is constrained and competing needs surrounding agriculture producers, energy providers, and environmental benefits exist. Global trends related to increasing population and the decrease in natural resources, and unpredictability brought about by climate change only adds to the challenge.

Workshops and sessions vis-à-vis the optimising resource sub-theme, addressed the following:

  •  Re-use of municipal waste water in industries and agriculture
  •  Safeguarding cities and industries from floods and droughts
  •  Urban drainage under changing climatic conditions
  •  River basin information and decision support for city and industry end-users 
  •  Other issues related to optimising river basin management

The Congress was a valuable resource and point of reference for ongoing work. Workshops and sessions exploring the optimisation of resource along the water, food and energy nexus provided a unique opportunity to explore cross-sectoral dialogue on new solutions.


'Optimising Resources along the Water, Food and Energy Nexus'

Nexus Dialogue workshop

Within the theme of “Optimizing Resources along the Water, Food and Energy Nexus”, the Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions convened a workshop exploring how the nexus works in practice especially in relation to cities. How do the technologies and infrastructure being develop to manage the urban water cycle apply to the nexus? What are the catalysts for implementation of new technologies?

The workshop built on the ongoing activities in the Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions but specifically focused on urban interactions.


Chair: Ger Bergkamp, IWA, the Netherlands

Overview and introduction to the workshop – Rebecca Welling, IUCN
Introduction on the nexus and links to cities – Glen Daigger, CH2M Hill
Illustrative cases focusing on optimizing the nexus – Pol Adarve, Abengoa, Spain



  • Thomas Roberts, African Development Bank, Kenya
  • Guillermo Bravo, Abengoa, Spain
  • Eng Philip Gichuki, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, Kenya
  • Rebecca Welling, IUCN
  • Glen Daigger, CH2M Hill
  • Pol Adarve, Abengoa, Spain