Introduction to the Water-Energy Challenge: Factbook


Factbook on Water and Energy Challenges complied by SBC Energy Institute

The SBC Energy Institute (SEI) has been created to generate and promote understanding of the current and future energy technologies that will be needed to provide a safe, secure and reliable mix as world energy supply shifts from resource-intensive (carbon, but also water and land use) to resource-restricted. The SEI is a non-profit group that leverages its expertise within energy technology and economic fundamentals to provide expert analysis on energy technologies & access to facts and data covering the complete range of potential and actual energy sources in order to promote understanding of technology maturity, development priority and cost-based deployment rationale. 

The FactBook first seeks to provide a global picture of the main water resources, the many dimensions of freshwater inequality challenges, and current uses of freshwater. It then presents an overview of the current and forecast mismatch between supply and demand, the reasons for the mismatch and its likely consequences if left unaddressed. The FactBook then summarizes the water risks facing our society and their multi-dimensional nature. It also describes the water industry’s principal value chains, market trends, and promising solutions. Finally, it compares water consumption for different energy-production pathways and illustrates the impact water constraints have already had, and continue to have, on the development of conventional and unconventional resources. 

The factbook can be accessed here