Journal Water Alternatives nexus special issue is now availible


Water, energy and food are closely linked with each other. The concept nexus emphasizes the coordination and cooperation of three sectors that are traditionally treated in silos. An intergrated approach that recognizes the inter-linkages between water, energy and food is key to solving the challenges in a resource-thirsty world.

Water Alternatives is an interdisciplinary journal addressing the full range of issues that water raises in contemporary societies. Volumn 8 Issue 1 'Critical Thinking on the ‘New Security Convergence’ in Energy, Food, Climate and Water: Is the Nexus Secure … and for Whom?' is a special issue of the Water Alternatives. The special issue focuses on nexus of water, energy, food and climate changes and analyzes the synergies and trade-offs between each sector to achieve cross-sectoral collaboration and sustainability. Click here to access the table of contents and pdf of articles