2015 Synnogy New Energy Forum focused on energy-water nexus

The energy / water interface: synergies, opportunities and challenges


A rapidly evolving energy landscape brings both challenges and opportunities; it is those who best understand the key trends and their implications who will gain real competitive advantage. The programme of the Synnogy New Energy Forum is always specifically tailored to enable members achieve individual goals which would not otherwise be possible acting in isolation. In the 2015 Forum, special attention was given to the energy-water nexus.

The latest New Energy Forum event "The energy / water interface: synergies, opportunities and challenges", was held on15th January 2015 in the UK. The programme of this event included:

Water and energy are intricately connected. Energy requires water in its production processes, while water transportation and treatment cannot be realized without energy. The 2015 New Energy Forum highlighted the reciprocal relationship between energy and water. It aimed to identify synergies, opportunities and challenges within the energy-water nexus, which is key to acheiving energy and water efficiency, secured access to natural resources and sustainable development.

The Synnogy New Energy Forum has the traditon to explore key developments which will shape the New Energy landscape, helping participants to understand who / what the winners and losers will be, when the key milestones will occur and where to be best positioned to reap the greatest benefit, all of which are of great importance to enhance stakeholders' strategic decision making and positioning around new energy.

The scope of the New Energy Forum extends across the new energy spectrum to cover:

  • The full range of energy generation and conversion technologies, focusing particularly on innovation and new developments;
  • Linking and buffering technologies;
  • Policy, market and other developments and trends which will shape the future, such as electrification and decentralisation.

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