Join the #NEXUS2020 twitter chat on 5 June 2015



What are the most important questions around business practice that, if answered, could help companies manage their dependencies and impacts upon food, energy, water and the environment?

  • What? Twitter chat #Nexus2020
  • When? 5 June 2015. 10 am EST/ 3pm BST.
  • What it’s about: The aim of the session is to get your questions stimulated by panelists.



The twitter chat will be stimulated by our 4 panel members

  • @Bhask286 Dr Bhaskar Vira, Founding Director, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.
  • @_richardblack Richard Black, Director, Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit.
  • @chrisgerrard Chris Gerrard, Climate Change and Biodiversity Manager, Anglian Water.
  • @jameswilsdon James Wilsdon, Director, the Nexus Network.



Four panel members will discuss 5 Questions to help you think through and develop research questions:

  • Q1 How do businesses impact & depend on food, energy, water & environment (FEWE)?
  • Q2 How can research help businesses manage food, energy, water & environment impact and dependencies?
  • Q3 How do business practices affect other stakeholders operating within FEWE? What research could improve interaction?
  • Q4 How does policy influence business practices around FEWE? Could research around policy interventions enhance management?
  • Q5 How do consumers influence business practices around FEWE? Could research in this space improve management?



Nexus2020 is led by @cisl_cambridge and brings together business, academics, policy makers and civil society to determine the most important research questions that need to be answered around food, energy, water and the natural environment to inform business practice.


We are really pleased that Farming First @farmingfirst will host the twitter chat and you can find the details on how the session will run and how to take part on the Farming First website. The main thing to remember is to include #Nexus2020 in all your tweets.

You will be encouraged to get stuck into the discussion with the panelists and put forward your ideas. You’ll be able to track the discussion by following the #Nexus2020 hashtag and each of the panelists.

We @uk_nexus look forward to seeing you on twitter on 5 June 2015.