New Earth Security Index Report 2015 published


The annual Earth Security Index Report defines a clear and strategic direction for companies and governments for some of the world’s most urgent and complex resource challenges.

The 2015 report includes:

  • The ESI dashboard that simplifies complexity of resource risks at national, regional and global levels for business decision-makers.

  • 7  blueprints identify sustainability risks affecting business and governments in key commodities.

  • Strategic opportunities for companies and governments to build resilience and long-term competitiveness.

The recommendations are the Earth Security Group’s independent strategic analysis, drawing on industry, investment, political and civil society input from our unique cross-sector global network. The blueprints are intended to stimulate dialogue and alignment between industrialised and emerging economies, and between business and governments, on the recommended solutions to build resilience. The Earth Security Group plays a key independent role in taking some of these opportunities forward through its project and advisory engagements.

You can download and use each of the blueprints here.

Click here to download the 2015 report.