Re-think on consumer goods needed - Nexus Thinkpiece



In the ‘Fast-Moving Circular Goods’ Nexus Network thinkpiece, Dr Fiona Charnley, Dale Walker and  Dr Ksenija Kuzmina look at the future of the fast-moving consumer goods industry in a circular economy.

The authors say:

"The linear economic model of extracting raw materials and manufacturing goods to be sold, used and disposed of has dominated the industrial scene for the last 150 years. While this model has been hugely successful for profit generation, it is putting immense strain on the Nexus of natural resources and generates vast quantities of waste.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods include food, beverages, clothing and packaging: goods which are bought more often, have a lower unit cost and have a much shorter service life than durable goods. Food, beverages, clothing and packaging account for about 35% of materials used, but these products are often not recycled: around 80% of the materials used for these goods end up in landfills, incinerators or wastewater.

There is a significant need to re-think the ways in which consumer goods are delivered, used and ultimately re-captured so that valuable resources can be retained within a circular economy."

Read the full paper here: Charnley Walker and Kuzmina Circular Economy Nexus Thinkpiece 2015