The Source magazine launched at the 2015 IWA Water and Development Congress



The International Water Association's new magazine, The Source, was recently launched at the IWA Water and Development congress, will be available as an app on your smartphone and tablet, with an editorial focus on thought leadership that connects the water sector with business, social sciences, economics and political sciences. Replacing Water 21, the re-branded and re-launched magazine will be available across multiple digital and print platforms.  

The Source will continue to be distributed free to IWA's 10,000+ membership of water professionals and companies, and will be available to subscribers who are non-members. 

In the first issue of the magazine, a discussion on “Why a nexus approach is critical to water management” was highlighted. This focused on how competition for water is not being managed to reflect the scarcity of resources in the energy and agricultural sectors. Nick Michell spoke to a panel of specialists about the urgent need for greater collaboration and the risks of not taking a nexus approach.