Nexus Dialogue articles on Water21


The following list is a collection of all the Nexus Dialogue articles published on the IWA magazine "Water21". The PDF file of each article can be downloaded by clicking on the links.

  • IUCN-IWA Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions (February 2013 issue) - PDF
  • Nexus dialogue on water infrastructure: contribute to the discussion (April 2013 issue) - PDF
  • The Nexus Dialogue starts in earnest (June 2013 issue) - PDF
  • Basins of the Future: using a nexus solution to meet future needs (August 2013 issue) - PDF
  • IWA and IUCN’s Nexus Dialogue initiative holds talks in Latin America (October 2013 issue) - PDF
  • Progressing dialogue on the water-energy-food nexus at the World Water Forum (February 2015 issue) - PDF
  • The water-energy-food nexus at the 7th World Water Forum (June 2015 issue) - PDF

For more information on the full issues click here.