Uncertainties of future UK water, energy & food consumption – workshops


Invitation to Workshops on ‘Uncertainties of future UK water, energy & food consumption‘.


Monday 23 November 2015, University of Leeds.
Tuesday 8 December 2015, University of Cambridge.


There is high uncertainty on drivers affecting future UK consumption of water, food and energy, and the inter-dependencies between both drivers and dimensions of the “Nexus”.

In a series of two workshops, on Monday 23 November 2015 (University of Leeds) and Tuesday 8 December 2015 (University of Cambridge), The Nexus Network aims to better clarify and map these issues and their relevance to decision making and policy at the national and EU level.

The first workshop (23 Nov 2015, Leeds) will bring together around 30 academic and non-academic experts to list key drivers and inter-connections affecting UK domestic consumption of water, energy and food. The outputs of that workshop will be used in a smaller follow up workshop (8 Dec 2015, Cambridge) in which an analytical model will used to test and to forecast how the UK domestic water, energy and food demand will change under different assumptions and scenarios

The Nexus Network invites you to take part in one or both of the workshops.


If you would like to take part in one or both workshops visit please use the form to express your interest. 


For details please contact Dr Guy Ziv, School of Geography, University of Leeds (+44) 0113 34 37994or g.ziv@leeds.ac.uk.

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