Join the 19th International River Symposium

September 12-14th, 2016, New Delhi, India



Riversymposium is a leader in integrating policy, science, business and community in an engaging, innovative environment—celebrating successes in sustainable river basin management while evaluating the state of the world’s water and planning for humanity’s future. Each year, the International RiverFoundation brings a large number of internationally recognised speakers to address contemporary issues and offers excellent networking opportunities with a range of professionals, academics, NGO representatives, community members and students from around the world.


To maximise participation in the International Riversymposium, the International RiverFoundation offers a tiered pricing structure. Residents of select countries in the Himalayas, the Mekong River Basin and United Nations List of Least Developed Countries are eligible for Tier 1 pricing.

 EarlybirdRegular (From July 1st)SpeakerStudent1 day only
Tier 1 (Himalaya, Mekong &UN)$447$595$447$268$245
Tier 2 (all other countries)$895$1,195$895$538$495
IRF Symposium Subsidy$222$295$222$133$121

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Submit an Abstract

Do you have research, insights or experiences to share with delegates at the 19th International Riversymposium in New Delhi? Abstract submission will be open until May 31st, 2016.

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