Participate to the global survey on measuring forest-water interactions




Forests play an important role in the water cycle: filtering and regulating water flows, recharging groundwater as well as contributing to precipitation through evapotranspiration, etc. However, the relationships between forests and water have not been adequately quantified, and as a result integrated policies and practices have not been widely justified and adopted.


In the face of climate and land-use changes, growing populations, increased urbanization, there are mounting pressures placed on our forests and the ecosystem services that they provide. Unfortunately, impacts to forests and their functions are occurring faster than we can fully understand them.


Since the Shiga Declaration on Forests and Water in 2002, increased scientific understanding and improved monitoring and evaluation of forest-water relationships have been consistently recommended in international fora and meetings. In order to address these recommendations the Forest and Water Programme at FAO, in collaboration with partners, is developing a monitoring framework and tool, with standardized indicators and methods, to support stakeholders with forest-water monitoring and research. The objective of the framework is to improve our understanding of forest and water interactions at different scales and for different contexts, as well as to provide justification for enhanced policy and practice.



Global survey on measuring forest-water interactions


The survey is especially designed for any professional who is measuring forest-water variables/indicators, including researchers, technicians, practitioners, etc. This survey is the first step in the development process of a monitoring framework and tool for forest-water relationships. Its objective is to take stock of where, what and how forest-water relationships are currently monitored and measured. This will be followed by a peer-review of feedback and an expert workshop to further discussed proposed indicators and methods. By contributing to this survey, you will contribute to global capacity building on the forest-water topic, and gain access to an international network of forest-water experts.


You can access the survey here. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the url:


The survey will take approximately 30-60 minutes. You can take the time to complete this survey with as much detail as possible and to the best of your ability, as the information provided will contribute to the foundation of an important global process and tool. The responses to the survey can be saved, if you need to return to complete the survey another time.


Please note that you will need to provide details on the variables/indicators measured and methods used. Therefore, it is recommended that you have this information readily available, such as details on methodology, references (if applicable) and associated costs (if known).


The survey will remain open until 30 July 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the survey is currently available in English only.


If you have any questions, please contact