New Nexus Country Profile for Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan


TH Cologne - University of Applied Sciences has developped a new fact sheet format with nexus information for African countries of the Eastern Nile region. The Nexus Country Profiles represent a policy-oriented assessment tool using sheets of key indicators on resource uses on a country level. They depict the profiles of each sector and capture the interlinks to other sectors considering development factors and resource use trends in the respective country.

The Nexus Country Profiles include a Nexus Rapid Assessment of water, energy and food securities in each country, allowing for inter-country comparison.

Different resource endowments and use patterns in the region indicate common challenges and opportunities for transboundary cooperation on issues like resource protection, technological intensification in agriculture, hydropower development and energy trade.

"The nexus debate is iften quite technical and abstract, " says Dr. Mohammad AlSaidi, research assistant professor at the Center for Sustainable Development at the University of Qatar, who has been leading the drafting of the Nexus Profiles, "with our short country profiles we illustrate concrete trends and interlinks".

Available Nexus Country Profiles:


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