CDP’s global water report

The linkages between water, energy and private sector efforts to reduce carbon emissions


This year’s report highlights the risks and opportunities identified by 607 responding companies, and shows how some are beginning to move ahead of the pack in addressing water concerns. 


The report’s key messages and findings are:

·     Water availability is important for climate mitigation:our data shows that 24% of GHG reduction activities depend on a secure supply of good quality water; and 53% of responding companies say they are realizing GHG reductions as a direct result of improvements to water management.
·     Transparency is lacking: the financial impacts from water risks are rapidly materializing for business with more than $14 billion reported this year; despite this, 52% of requested companies still fail to disclose. These companies are identified in the appendix of the report.
·     Opportunities exist: there is a small but growing number of companies leading the pivot towards better stewardship of water resources, however year-on-year trends shows corporate progress on managing water is almost stagnant.
In addition to the report, they have produced an updated version of our policy briefing which emphasizes the links between water and climate and can be found on CDP's report landing page.