The Nexus Network announces workshop registration

Registration open for workshop on ‘Transforming Innovation


Registration now open for workshop on ‘Transforming Innovation: addressing nexus challenges with radical change
County Hall, Westminster Bridge, London
1000-1700; Friday 17th March 2017


Registration for the latest Nexus Network Workshop on the theme of ‘Transforming innovation’ is now open: limited number of spaces available! 


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Organised by Andy Stirling (University of Sussex), this workshop will explore the innovations of various kinds (including social, institutional and technological changes) that are required to meet ‘nexus challenges’.  Participants will discuss the central premise that in order to do justice to the urgent interacting problems and interlinked solutions of ‘the nexus’, what is needed are not just incremental innovations of conventional kinds in established trajectories (significant though these can be), but more ‘radical’ changes – in many senses of this word.  These deep-rooted changes involve not only transformative innovation, but the transforming of notions and processes of innovation itself.
Based around a series of short contributions from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, followed by in depth discussion and interaction, this workshop will explore a number of interlinked questions including:

  • What in practice does it mean to transform not only existing systems of provision, but patterns of innovation themselves?
  • What is the role in this regard of different kinds of democratic struggle?
  • What are the implications for current institutionalised notions of expertise, currently privileged disciplinary methods and vertical structures for the organisation of research?


Speakers include:

Elizabeth Shove (Lancaster University); Tim Forsyth (LSE); Dipak Gyawali (Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology;  Ian Scoones (IDS/ STEPS centre); Andrew Simms (New Weather Institute); Sujatha Raman (University of Nottingham); Joe Williams (Durham University); Adrian Smith (University of Sussex); Clare Brass (Royal College of Art); Ruth Stevenson (Centre for Alternative Technology); Kate Brown (Exeter University); Miles Parker (University of Cambridge); Jack Stilgoe (UCL); Frances Harris (University of Hertfordshire)


Note: This workshop takes place the day after the Nexus Network annual conference, in the same central London venue.  

To register please click here