9th IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 

Lisbon, Portugal

21-26 September, 2014

The International Water Association (IWA) organises the high-profile IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition every two years. The 9th IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Lisbon continued the IWA’s biannual tradition, which began in Paris in 2000, of gathering together under one roof the best international ideas and the most dynamic global water professionals. This event brought together over 5000 of the world’s leading water professionals from ninety countries. 47 Workshops, 90 Technical Sessions, 360 Presentations and over 700 Poster Presentations provided a unique opportunity for connecting and networking with water sector leaders, and to share knowledge on the latest trends in best practice, technological innovation, pioneering research and science.

Solutions Across the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Seminar,  24 September 2014

Water, energy and food are essential for human well-beings and sustainable development. The demand for freshwater, energy and food will increase significantly over the next decades under the pressure of population growth, economic development, technological changes, and climate change. The nexus has led to new demands for infrastructure and technology solutions for their security, and the need to balance competing demands on our natural resources whilst maintaining sustainable and productive landscapes.

The workshop focused on the use of Cleantech across water infrastructure systems that support the water, energy and food sectors. For example, cleantech for agriculture can mean precision irrigation, pump efficient solutions, use of treated waste water for irrigation and wetland management to reduce impacts from agricultural runoff. This also includes the integration of healthy ecosystems in well-functioning infrastructure built for irrigation, hydropower or municipal water supply, and in achieving the economic returns necessary to justify investments. Pathways for innovative financing of clean technology to support the water-energy-food nexus solutions, and the factors influencing these investments will also be explored.

'Solutions Across the Water-Energy-Food Nexus'

Nexus Dialogue Seminar

Conveners: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and International Water Association (IWA)
Wednesday, 24 September 2014


13:30-13:35 Introduction to the senimar
Chair: Mark Smith, IUCN

13:35-13:45 Overview of the Nexus Dialogue on Water Infrastructure Solutions: challenges and solution with a focus on clean technologyKatharine Cross, IWA

13:45-13:55 Cleantech Innovation for Nutrient Recovery: Dynamics within the Nexus, Business Models, and Capital Attraction – Rodrigo Villarroel Walker, University of Georgia

13:55-14:05 Investing in clean technology for WEF Nexus: Factors for success – Brian Mergelas, CEO WaterTAP

14:05-14:15 WEF-Nexus and drinking water supply – Detlef Klein, GIZ

14:15-14:25 Q&A

14:25-14:55 Feedback and discussion with a panel – Chair: Mark Smith, IUCN

  • What drives innovation in companies that can provide benefits across sectors?
  • What type of enabling environment is needed?
  • How can investment be channelled to cleantech for the water-energy-food nexus?
  • How are such solutions being scaled up?
  • What are the gaps and challenges?
  1. Sam Keyanayagam, CH2M HILL
  2. Petra Ross, ARCADIS
  3. Rodrigo Villarroel Walker, University of Georgia
  4. Brian Mergelas, CEO WaterTAP
  5. Detlef Klein, GIZ

14:55-15:00 Wrap up and next steps

Seminar Summary