The IWA Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014

Mexico City, Mexico

21-23 May, 2014

Solving the interlinked challenges of urban water, energy and climate is critical for cities of the future to prosper. The IWA Water, Energy and Climate Conference 2014: Solutions for Future Water Security (IWA WEC), which took place on May 21th to 23th in Mexico City, provided a platform for discussion of cutting edge solutions to the world’s water and energy issues, while also addressing approaches to sustainable and effective adaptation throughout the water sector. The IWA WEC Conference aimed to identify, showcase and debate practical experiences and examples of how cities, industries and farmers can achieve Water – Energy neutrality, reduce their water related carbon footprint and improve their water security.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus – A Strategy For Future Water Security?

Workshop,  22 May 2014

Addressing resource challenges within supply chains for water, energy and food security (the nexus) requires an approach which enables cross-sector connectivity, coordination and collaboration. Conventional approaches focusing just on water sector planning often are not able to effectively connect with the energy and food sectors. This workshop examined how the water-energy-food nexus can provide opportunities for institutional collaboration as well as being an effective strategy for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The workshop also explored practical cases of how coordinated investment and operation of existing and new infrastructure and technology (e.g. in utilities, irrigation schemes) can provide benefits across sectors.

The workshop aimed to engaged water, energy and agriculture stakeholders in discussion on how institutional collaboration along with investments and operations across sectors can have multiple benefits while being cost effective. Beside practical examples, discussion also focused on the need for an integrated perspective across the water, energy, and food security nexus to address climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as avoiding maladaptation and negative externalities.

'Water-Energy-Food Nexus – A Strategy For Future Water Security?'

Nexus Dialogue Workshop

Conveners: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and International Water Association (IWA)
Thursday, 22 May 

Speakers and panellists:

Chair: Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director, IWA


Opening of the Workshop: What Are the Objectives and Expected Outcomes – Dr. Luis Rendón Pimentel, Gerente de Distritos de Riego, CONAGUA

Providing Context – What Is the Nexus and How Can It Be A Strategy For Future Water Security – Katharine Cross, IWA

Nexus challenges and solutions – How can the water-energy-food nexus provide opportunities for institutional collaboration?

How CONAGUA Addresses the Institutional Linkages Between Agriculture, Water and Energy - Challenges and Opportunities – Dr. Luis Rendón Pimentel, Gerente de Distritos de Riego, CONAGUA

Nexus In A Transboundary Context – Exploring the Impacts On Water Security, How Strategies Also Contribute Towards Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation – Dr. Robert Varady, Deputy Director and Research Professor of Environmental Policy,Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy,The University of Arizona; Past President, International Water History Association

Q&A and Discussion


Nexus challenges and solutions – Practical cases of how infrastructure and technology (e.g. in utilities, irrigation schemes)  can provide benefits for water, energy and food sectors

How Utilities Are Addressing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (e.g. energy efficiency, resource recovery, etc) – Ricardos Sandoval

Water-Energy Nexus: Practical Examples of Water-Energy Cost Effective Technology and Processes – Mr. Manuel Contijoch (Vice President Strategic Relations North America)

The Costs and Benefits of Different Agriculture and Irrigation Technologies and the Impact On Water, Food and Energy  – Olga Xóchitl Cisneros Estrada, IMTA

Panel Discussion

Conclusions – Way Forward